Monday, June 13, 2011

The history of CSS - part 1

 Back in October 1994, the first draft of  "Cascading HTML Style Sheets" was released. Around the same time, what was then called Mosaic Communication Corp. released Netscape 0.9, with new tags and attributes including CENTER and FONT tags.

In December 1994, Netscape 1.0 was released. By March 1995, Arena and emacs-w3 was supporting the then-drafts of CSS. In April 1995, Netscape 1.1 was released introducing more new elements. By August 1995, Netscape 1.2 was released and Netscape has gained a monopoly in web browsers.  Other browsers (including early MSIE) had to copy the new elements Netscape introduced. And Netscape did not support CSS and had no plans to do so. In fact, Netscape with it's monopoly effectively killed HTML 3.0 which Arena and emacs-w3 also supported, preventing it from becoming a standard and forcing W3C to create HTML 3.2 instead.


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