Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Petition to MS regarding old PowerPoint translators

Word formats dating to Word 1.x for Windows and Word 4.x for Macintosh and Excel formats dating to version 2.x (with exception of Microsoft Excel Chart (.xlc)) can be opened by changing File Block policy even in Office 2013 for Windows. Old PowerPoint formats however required separate translators. These translators was shipped with PowerPoint 2003 and earlier (though disabled by default in SP3), but no longer ships with 2007 or later. The name of these translator DLLs are PP4X322.DLL (for PowerPoint 4.0 and older) and PP7X32.DLL (for PowerPoint 95).

We ask MS to:
  1. Ship these DLLs separately from PowerPoint 2003 along with a utility to call them, to provide users with a way to read these old formats.
  2. Consider opening the source to the translators. This will save MS the work of documenting these old formats.


  1. This isn't a petition, just a blog...

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